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01 September 2010, CGArt.bg Article by: Nikolay Mihaylov

An englishman, three bulgarians and a croatian form Vyonyx's core. Cris, Vladin, Deyan, Nikolay and Victor and their team make some of the most sought out urgent presentations of architectural designs, do not fear
the crisis and competition and constantly evolve. More about the creation and the development of the studio shares Nikolay Salutski, one of its founders.

Vyonyx, initially, was a natural progression of four souls - the company was established in September 2007 in London and has been active ever since.

London is a special place, which attracts an enormous amount of global talent, and as a consequence, is the base for many international studios where companies feed their hunger for talent from the good supply available.

On the other scale are the global investors, always keen to stamp their projects and products with the London/UK brand that is extremely well sought after from around the globe.  You therefore end up in situations where you have to be based here in order to work on a project for - let's say your own country - which you have no chance of access to if you are working and living back home - wherever that may be.

Depends how you look at it but you can laugh till tomorrow, or cry of course.

At the time we founded Vyonyx we were all living in the UK and had already worked for quite some time for various UK companies.  I (Nikolay Salustki) spent some time with a company called Miller Hare, where I meat Chris.  I then moved on to work for NBBJ; Hamilton Associates; and then worked for Foster + Partners where I was introduced to Vladin. Vladin was working there already and was becoming overwhelmed creatively and needed some assistance.  During the same period of time Deyan and I were sharing a flat.  Deyan had been working for Chapman Taylor, moving on to work for Gensler.

By the end of this period, we had all become nicely shaped by the industry and finally pushed from off the edge of the cliff and into a new venture - Vyonyx.

Scary?- Not really - there was no time for that!  Luckily we became overwhelmed with work from day one and the first year was a tough day and night affair. You get the picture ‘all nighters’ - until there is no tomorrow.

We then had a cunning plan - to start hiring new people and thereby expanding the company. There are currently 14 of us of various nationalities, experiences and age.  In general it is great fun but we are still
working longer hours than our personal comfort can bare - at least the weather is on our side.

Then, along came Viktor`s victorious era of competitions.  We met with him at Foster’s a few years ago and he joined Vyonyx as a partner last year.

So, all in all, there are now five partners - each one of us with various responsibilities and duties to take care of.

Three of you are bulgarian, how come?

Yes, that is correct but in reality I would like to think it was just a coincidence. I didn’t know any of the guys in depth prior to coming to England and they definitely had no idea about each other either - we kind of grew into this relationship here.

What is the primary software that you use and you can’t go without?

That is an easy one - Photoshop. Of course if i need to elaborate more then it gets tricky. We do not have an established production line in the office, which is quite unproductive and a financial disaster , as we proved it with various projects.

But somehow i would like to think that this approach gives you more freedom and provokes you to test and try new approaches and techniques, which if you are lucky can lead to very intriguing results. And to be fare to that approach, this is one of the reasons Vyonyx managed to get noticed among some well established companies in the field.

So, to summarize: we use - for scene preparation and rendering: 3ds Max, Lightwave , Rhino, Vue Extreme.
We utialize some additional render engines from time to time like V-Ray and Maxwell, usually Mental Ray with 3ds Max. Post-processing - Photoshop, After Effects, Fusion.

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